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Contracting Officer’s Representative

Course Specification
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Course Length:
5 Days  
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Course Description
Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) is a comprehensive course on the acquisition process and contract administration from the perspective of the technical manager/COTR. Students have opportunities to learn and practice the duties of the COR and Contracting Officer.

This comprehensive course is valuable to anyone involved in the acquisition process at virtually any level. The primary target group, however, is composed of those individuals with the potential for formal designation as Contracting Officer's Representatives.


Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe his or her role and authority in the acquisition process
  • Participate in the acquisition planning, contract formation, and contract administration process
  • Develop a contract administration plan
  • Monitor contract performance
  • Assist the contracting officer (CO) with processing changes, equitable adjustments, claims disputes and awards
Course Content

Lesson 1:

Describe the acquisition-related roles and responsibilities of the COR.
Lesson 2:
Describe the working relationship between the COR and the Contracting Officer.
Lesson 3:
Write Statements of Work and other requirements documents.
Lesson 4:
Develop Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE).
Lesson 5:
Determine the technical acceptability of bids.
Lesson 6:
Evaluate technical proposals.
Lesson 7:
Participate in fact finding and negotiations.
Lesson 8:
Assist in responding to vendor protests.
Lesson 9:
Participate in contractor debriefings.
Lesson 10:
Plan contract administration.
Lesson 11:
Monitor contract performance and assist in problem resolution.
Lesson 12:
Interpret contract language.
Lesson 13:
Manage government property used in a contract.
Lesson 14:
Inspect and accept contract deliverables.

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