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Microsoft Access 2007/2010/2013: Level 3

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1 day
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Course Description
This course will teach students more specialized and advanced capabilities of Access. The student will use advanced capabilities to work with improperly structured data, perform summary operations on data, create macros to automate tasks, enhance forms and reports, and use Access data in other Office applications. This course targets students who have job responsibilities that include structuring existing data into properly designed tables, analyzing data, automating work in Access, implementing advanced form and report capabilities, and using Access tools.

To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge: MS Access Level 1 and 2.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Put existing data into correctly designed tables and compact your database.
  • Use a variety of techniques to summarize data. Create and revise basic Access macros.
  • Create macros that require data entry in certain fields and automatic data entry in others.
  • Use advanced features to enhance forms.
  • Use advanced features to enhance reports and distribute a report to non-Access users.
  • Use Office Links to use Access data in other Office programs.
Course Content

Lesson 1:

Structuring Existing Data
Topic 1A: Use the Table Analyzer Wizard for Help
Topic 1B: Decide on Your Own Design
Topic 1C: Create a Junction Table
Topic 1D: Modify the Original Tables and Complete the Design
Topic 1E: Compact and Repair a Database
Lesson 2:
Summarizing Data
Topic 2A: Group and Summarize Records in Different Ways
Topic 2B: Summarize with a Crosstab Query
Topic 2C: Pivot Query Results
Topic 2D: Display a Graphical Summary on a Form
Lesson 3:
Simplifying Tasks with Macros
Topic 3A: Create a Macro
Topic 3B: Attach a Macro to a Command Button
Topic 3C: Restrict Records
Lesson 4:
Adding Interaction and Automation with Macros
Topic 4A: Require Data Entry with a Macro
Topic 4B: Display a Message Box with a Macro
Topic 4C: Automate Data Entry
Lesson 5:
Making Forms More Usable
Topic 5A: Change the Display of Data Under Certain Conditions
Topic 5B: Display a Calendar on a Form
Topic 5C: Organize Information with Tab Pages
Lesson 6:
Making Reports More Powerful
Topic 6A: Cancel Printing of a Blank Report
Topic 6B: Include a Chart
Topic 6C: Arrange Data in Columns
Topic 6D: Distribute Reports as a Snapshot
Lesson 7:
Expanding the Reach of Your Data
  Topic 7A: Merge Access Data with a Word Document
Topic 7B: Publish Access Data as a Word Document
Topic 7C: Analyze Access Data in Excel
Appendix A :
Access Object Names

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