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Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013: Level 3

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Course Length:
1 day
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Course Description
Microsoft Excel: Level 3 is an advanced course for the student looking to enhance their knowledge base. In this course students will learn to customize workbooks, collaborate with others using shared workbooks and also enhance worksheets with charts and graphic objects.

MS Excel Level 1 and 2 or equivalent

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Customize your workbook by applying conditional formatting, adding data validation criteria, customizing menus and toolbars, creating and editing a macro, and grouping and outlining structured data.
  • Work with multiple workbooks to create a workspace, consolidate data, link cells, edit links, export Excel data into XML, import XML data into Excel, and create a Web query.
  • A variety of techniques to sort and filter data.
  • Collaborate with other Excel users by protecting your workbook, sharing your workbook, setting revision tracking, merging multiple copies of the same workbook, and tracking changes.
  • Chart non-adjacent data, modify chart items, and create a trendline.
  • Use multiple graphic objects to enhance your worksheet.
Course Content
Lesson 1:
Customizing your Workbook
Topic 1A: Apply Conditional Formatting
Topic 1B: Add Data Validation Criteria
Topic 1C: Customize Menus
Topic 1D: Customize Toolbars
Topic 1E: Create a Macro
Topic 1F: Edit a Macro
Topic 1G: Group and Outline Structured Data
Lesson 2:
Working with Multiple Data Sources
Topic 2A: Create a Workspace
Topic 2B: Consolidate Data
Topic 2C: Link Cells in Different Workbooks
Topic 2D: Edit Links
Topic 2E: Export Excel Data as XML
Topic 2F: Import XML Data into Excel
Topic 2G: Create a Web Query
Lesson 3:
Collaborating with Others Using Workbooks
Topic 3A: Protect your Worksheets
Topic 3B: Protect Your Workbook
Topic 3C: Share Your Workbook
Topic 3D: Set Revision Tracking
Topic 3E: Merge Workbooks
Topic 3F: Track Changes
Lesson 4:
Enhancing Your Worksheet Using Charts
Topic 4A: Chart Non-adjacent Data
Topic 4B: Modify Chart Items
Topic 4C: Create a Trendline
Lesson 5:
Using Graphic Objects to Enhance your Worksheets
Topic 5A: Create Graphic Objects
Topic 5B: Resize, Move, and Copy Graphic Objects
Topic 5C: Change the Order of Graphic Objects
Topic 5D: Group Graphic Objects
Topic 5E: Format Graphic Objects
Topic 5F: Insert Clip Art
Topic 5G: Modify Clip Art

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