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Microsoft Visio 2007/2010/2013: Level 2

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Course Length:
1 day
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Course Description
In this course, you will expand on the knowledge you gained in the Visio Professional: Level 1 course. You will work with many advanced features, including using the drawing tools, creating and working with custom stencils and templates, and sharing your Visio drawings with other applications.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Open and manipulate toolbars and stencil windows in the work area.
  • Change background settings to enhance specific drawings.
  • Use the drawing tools and Operation command features to create new custom shapes.
  • Integrate both simple and complex custom shapes in a drawing.
  • Create new masters in a stencil and edit masters.
  • Use the Document stencil to quickly take inventory of all the shapes used in a drawing.
  • Create a new custom template and use it to quickly create a drawing.
  • Create and use styles to quickly format multiple shapes in a drawing.
  • Use layers to organize and control shapes in a drawing.
  • Link a Visio drawing within a Microsoft Word document and update any changes.
  • Link shapes in a drawing to information contained in an external database.
  • Convert a drawing to a Web page.
  • Use several techniques for preparing a drawing for printing.
Course Content

Lesson 1:

Customizing Visio

Topic 1A: Working with Toolbars
Topic 1B: Working with Windows

Lesson 2:
Using the Drawing Tools

Topic 2A: Drawing Basics
Topic 2B: Advanced Drawing Techniques

Lesson 3:
Custom Shapes

Topic 3A: Using Custom Shapes
Topic 3B: Using Custom Shapes in a Drawing

Lesson 4:

Advanced Stencil Techniques

Topic 4A: Custom Stencils
Topic 4B: Customizing Stencil Masters
Topic 4C: The Document Stencil

Lesson 5:

Templates, Styles, and Layers

Topic 5A: Working with Templates
Topic 5B: Formatting and Linking Shapes
Topic 5C: Layers

Lesson 6:

Sharing Your Work

Topic 6A: Object Linking and Embedding
Topic 6B: Working with External Data
Topic 6C: Creating HTML Documents
Topic 6D: Printing Techniques

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