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Basic Acquisition I

Course Number:



Course Length:

3 days


Course Price:

$ 1,350 for non-government
$ 1,125 for government employees


Course Dates:

Call For Details

Government employees please call (202) 797-9099 for registration details


Course Description
This course covers the basics of how acquisition professionals balance risk, cost, schedule, performance, lessons learned, and the necessary management metrics to deliver quality systems/products.  This course is specifically developed to support Project Managers who need to meet the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Management (FAC-P/PM) program core training requirements.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the requirements development process
  • Define concept selection
  • Identify a technology development process
  • Perform a business strategy for market research (FAR Parts 10 and 12) to include socio-economic considerations
Course Content
Lesson 1:

The Requirements Development Process

Identifying Needs
Prioritizing Needs

Lesson 2:

Defining the Concept Selection Process


Lesson 3:

Defining the Preferred System Selection Process

Performance Measures
Technology Development Strategy Inputs
When to Initiate an Acquisition Process

Lesson 4:

Evaluating Possible Solutions

Performance Measure Selection
Performance Measure Analysis
Selecting a Preferred System Concept

Lesson 5:

Technology Development Strategy Features

Analysis of Alternatives
Studies to Date
Draft Plans
Selected Material Concepts

Lesson 6:

Considering Customer Needs


Performance Parameters
Affordability Constraints
Scheduling Constraints
Technical Constraints
Environmental Issues
Joint and Combined Interoperability

Lesson 7:

Deriving a Baseline

Understanding Baselines
Studying Performance and Schedule Requirements
Establishing a Baseline

Lesson 8:

Project Coordination with Users


Milestone Decision Authority
Planning & Preparing

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