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Additional Services


When analysis reveals that generic learning materials will help close performance gaps, we utilize our relationship with associate suppliers to broker these solutions for you. When we do this, we identify training programs that match the specific learning requirements for each group and/or individual as well as common learning needs shared by everyone.

Through our relationship with associate suppliers, we can provide and customize hundreds of courses in a number of subject areas including, but not limited to:

  • Management/Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Telecommunications Technologies
  • Technical Training
  • Sales and Service
  • Communications
  • Organizational Effectiveness

Additionally, we can work with executives in one-on-one situations. Executives have special training needs and time limitations. We will work closely with corporate executives, on their schedule to review their software training need and time frames, just in time, and just enough.

To find out more about how these additional services can benefit your organization, please call a local sales representative at (202) 797-9099, or email us at


  The Training Institute of Washington, DC. (800) 698-1191 Toll Free