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Classroom and Computer Lab Rentals


The Training Institute of Washington, DC partners with Microtek Inc to provide our clients with the highest quality, computer classroom and training facilities possible. With state-of the-art equipment, major city downtown locations, full-time technical and administrative support, and superior customer service, we are the preferred choice for technology training.

Why Rent Computer Classroom Space
When investing in permanent classroom facilities is not economically feasible, our alternative saves the fixed cost of building out the facilities, long-term leasing cost for holding the facility, staffing cost for managing the facility, and technological upgrade cost that occur with the introduction of software and new equipment. Additionally, we provide projectors and other necessary accessories to facilitate a focused learning environment. Let us help your organization deliver training efficiently and effectively.

The Facilities
Our facilities are well-designed, full-service training centers specializing in technology-based training and presentation rooms. We provide access to over 100 classrooms nationally, and our strategic alliances allow us to place your organization in more than 1,000 classrooms in major cities worldwide. These world class facilities are modern, comfortable, and reflect the image of a successful progressive company.

By outsourcing your training requirements, you are able to respond better to your changing demands and to exercise the ultimate in your training capabilities. The Training Institute of Washington, DC helps you maximize the efficiencies and cost benefits of your training progress. We also provide you with that all-important single point-of-contact for worldwide reservations and billing. Major city locations make us convenient to transportation, hotel accommodations and city activities.

Leading Technology
Our facilities are the most technologically advanced training environments available. All classrooms are constantly upgraded to stay ahead of the fast changing needs of today's leading technology companies. This allows us to manage your technical and software requirements on a consistent basis, locally or nationally and enables you to concentrate on your core business.

Central Coordination
Whether you need facilities in one location for as few as 6 people, or a year-long worldwide training program coordinated for 5,000 people, we are here to provide a one stop service for logistical support, management, registration, and training. For all projects, we assign a project manager with your interest in mind. The project manager will be the single point of contact for all requests and problem resolutions.

Our strategic partnership provides us with experts in the business of providing superior computer training environments and customer service for organizations, their employees and students.

We are familiar with the logistics and service requirements necessary to operate large classroom facilities. We can meet your needs in any of the following areas:

Hardware configuration

  • Pentium computers
  • Fully networked classrooms
  • External data links

Classroom support and service

  • Full-time on-site network technician
  • Software loading and archiving
  • Multiple operating systems supported

Audio visual presentations

  • High intensity single-gun projection units
  • Special 'full wall" whiteboard surface

Phone and Internet access

Large downtown facilities

  • From 6 to 32 student classroom/labs available
  • Technology presentation rooms for up to 100 attendees

Convenient to hotels, airports and transportation

On-site facility coordinator

  • Materials management
  • Catering

Student support

  • Maps and student info pack
  • Special hotel rates
  • Continental breakfast
  • Afternoon snack
Primary Locations:
Bethesda, MD
Jacksonville, FL
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York
Redwood City, CA
San Francisco
San Jose
Washington, DC

Weekend Availability
To find out more about how our Classroom and Computer Lab Rentals can benefit your organization, please contact a local sales representative at (202) 797-9099, or email us at

  The Training Institute of Washington, DC. (800) 698-1191 Toll Free