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More of America’s major corporations are now outsourcing staff trainers to reduce operating costs and maintain profitability during the economic slowdown. In fact, some of the largest companies are actively reducing the number of staff trainers on payroll and are negotiating for contract trainer solutions and rates. In today’s uncertain times, the largest corporations cannot afford to retain expensive staff trainers with low classroom utilization time.

Why Outsource Staff Trainers
Industry and government studies prove that outsourcing is a key strategy to help companies reduce operating costs and increase profitability. Outsourcing growth has exceeded all market expectations in the last 10 years for one reason: it pays good dividends in revenue and profit! Companies who realized the true total costs of their various business operations, outsourced non-core staff and competencies to volume staffing specialists. By not paying for more staff than they needed, outsourcing freed up financial resources and enabled managers to refocus on marketing to their clients, business development and managing the business to make it more profitable.
Add up all your direct and indirect staff trainer costs - compensation, benefits, training, recruiting, managing, holidays, sick time, conferences, travel, etc., etc., to define your total trainer cost and be prepared for sticker shock. When you compare actual time in the classroom vs. non-classroom time, the high cost differentials will become apparent. Contract trainers and all the benefits of using them, are the best solution to reduce high business operations costs.

Why The Training Institute of Washington, DC
The Training Institute of Washington, DC has partnered with the worlds leading supplier of contract trainers and can continue to provide to our clients that all important single point of contact. When you work with us, you get more than highly qualified and instructionally competent IT contract trainers, you also get the satisfaction of knowing that your training needs are being managed by a complete training solution provider. Other advantages include:

  • We provide you with a project manager to provide that important single point of coordination.
  • Our worldwide partnerships allow us to deploy trainers anywhere in the world, at anytime.
  • You get an experienced partner who can help your company to better manage its training resources during the economic slowdown.
  • You have greater flexibility in responding quickly to your organizations training needs.
  • With Contract IT trainers, you pay for them only when you use them.
  • Our highly skilled and qualified training professionals deliver every type of IT training, from the most advanced, leading edge courses such as web development, web server, XML and solutions architecture to Java, ecommerce, CRM, advanced data bases, and front and back office applications.
  • We recommend trainers that are certified technically and instructionally in all of the industry certifications such as MCT, CIW, CLI, CNI, CTT and more.
  • We check education and certifications, confirm technical competencies and instructional qualifications, ensure respect for client customer confidentiality, verify reliability, check references, assess performance evaluations, validate expertise in the use of new learning technologies, and assure agreement to detail norms of quality and business practices.
  • We have access to the scale of resources required to train all corporate and institutional organizations on even the largest and most complex of new IT product roll-outs or migrations to new versions. From an enterprise-wide Windows migration to a sales force automation project roll-out, we can respond as quickly and efficiently as needed with the right mix of trainer resources in all locations required to achieve success within your training budget and timeframes.
  • We perform extensive added-value services including matching, quoting, confirming, scheduling, making class and travel arrangements, accounting, and following up evaluations and quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We provide a skilled support staff that moves quickly to handle all the details to meeting your exact needs, saving your training organization unproductive staff time, disruption to your business, and risk from new government labor regulations.

Strategic Advantage
It’s time to start thinking about all staff trainers as a variable cost that you pay for only when they are in the classroom. “Our goal is to help all of our clients become more profitable by enabling them to properly balance their staff and contract trainers.” Contractors can be used strategically only when they are really needed and they are the best fit. Here are 4 areas to take advantage of contract trainers as a strategic resource:

Expertise Advantage:

  • Breadth & Depth: most in-demand expertise, all levels, optimum versatility
  • New Technologies: certifications, vendors, courseware, customization
  • Sales: events, seminars, promotion, incentive offers, trial offerings
  • Business Development: consulting, project management, outsourcing, deployment
  • New Learning Technology: facilitated e-learning, distance learning

Financial Advantage:

  • Easy Cancellation Policy
  • Manage Surprises: peaks and valleys of unpredictable business cycles
  • Minimize Investment: in overhead and physical facilities
  • Leverage Flexibility: Take advantage of credit terms versus payrolls
  • Contain Costs: with variable cost contractors versus fixed cost staff trainers
  • Maximize cost reductions of restructuring or downsizing

Resource Advantage:

  • Manage Gaps: vacations, meetings, shows, conferences, regional holidays
  • Special Learning Formats: short, long programs, evenings, special classes
  • All Facilities: on-site, all locations, rented space, new classrooms or centers

Risk Management Advantage:

  • Emergencies: unplanned occurrences, cancellations, illness
  • Resource Imbalance: avoid surprises with too many or unbalanced group of trainers
  • Reduce Legal Risks: from the myriad of existing and new Federal & State labor and employment regulations

To find out more about how our Contract Trainer program can benefit your organization, please contact a local sales representative at (202) 797-9099, or email at trainers@traindc.com.



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