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Corporate On-Site Training


Are you looking for a company that can train your staff at your location?  Do you need custom classes designed specifically for your employees' needs? On-site training brings The Training Institute of Washington, DC, courses to your location.

On-site training is a cost-effective way to make sure your people get the training they need in a focused and tailored way. All of your participants come away with a consistent message, equipped with skills, and concepts they need to improve their performance - whether it’s in Security, Project Management, or Database technologies.You may offer our standard courses or you can have our project managers work with you to recommend and develop a custom program - from one course to an entire curriculum. Often, we can combine existing courses and course modules to create a customized presentation that costs little to develop and provides the benefits that make the difference in organizational learning.
All of our training emphasizes both technical and behavioral components, balanced to suit your needs.

Corporate On-Site Training and Customized Training offers many benefits for your organization. They include:

  • Quality - Multiple students may be trained simultaneously to ensure quality learning across the board.
  • Economics - The more people you have to train, the better the economies of scale. Your training is delivered at a lower cost per student.
  • Economics - Avoid the expense and time of having your staff travel to off-site training facilities.
  • Convenience - Scheduling is based on your needs, so we train on the days that accommodate your workload.
  • Business issue confidentiality - With only your staff in attendance, sensitive corporate issues can be discussed freely and lead to a much more effective session overall.
  • Flexibility - Our customized courses can be combined, lengthened, or shortened with new subjects added or created designed specifically for your organization.
  • Security and information privacy are intertwined - Your employees will understand and internalize the need to safeguard the confidentiality of your data and to minimize business risks.
  • Promote teamwork - Your group will be trained at the same time, in the same way, and will benefit from the shared focused educational experience. Your organization will feel the immediate impact.
  • Visible investment in staff - Corporate on-site training courses sends a message that your organization is investing in its staff and promoting professional development.

The Training Institute of Washington, DC’s Corporate On-Site Training is focused, efficient, and convenient, and can be delivered at any of your enterprise's locations.

To find out more about how our Corporate On-Site Training can benefit your organization, please contact a local sales representative at (202) 797-9099, or email us at


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