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  Leaders set goals and visions. Organizations respond to well-articulated visions that are strategic, persuasive, and measurable. The leadership training courses offered by The Training Institute of Washington, DC examine effective decision-making, altering behaviors, recasting mindsets, organizational change, and personal negotiation styles. The courses have been developed with the intent to ensure that organizations can provide a method for recruitment, development, advancement, and retention of high potential employees.
  • Leadership is not about seniority. All roles should have embedded leadership expectations.
  • Leadership can be developed by making the behaviors required to be a leader relevant and correctly scaled for the role being modeled.
  • Leadership is about ownership, when people own issues that face them or the organization, they begin the process of taking part in finding solutions or designing action plans.
Training Goals
  • Stimulating a leadership mindset.
  • Delivering more than just leadership training, but changing the way future leaders responds.
  • Developing leadership behaviors that are relevant to an individual’s organization.

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Executive Leadership Training Courses
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Effective Leadership Techniques
  • Leadership Skills: Introductory Techniques and Practices
  • Enhancing Executive Leadership Skills
  • 21 st Century Leadership: Managing by Results
  • Elements of Effective Executive Coaching
  • Implementing Leading and Managing Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management 101
  • Executive Leadership Certificate Program

Executive Management Training Courses

  • Performance Management
  • Managing a Culturally Diverse Workforce
  • Strategic Planning
  • Managing Change in Your Organization
  • Psychology of Change:  Leadership's Role in a Shifting Environment
  • Capital Asset Planning and Exhibit 300
  • Effective Supervision of People
  • Human Capital Management in Government Agencies
  • Personnel Administration in Government Agencies
  • Consulting Skills for Leaders and Managers

Executive Project Management Training Courses

  • An Executive Overview of Project Management
  • An Executive Overview of Project Risk Management
  • An Executive Briefing on Earned Value Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring Project Managers
  • Leadership Skills for the Project Manager
  • Managing Multiple Projects with Optimum Efficiency
  • A Manager's Guide to Project Management
  • Excellence in Project Leadership
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