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Program and Project Management Services


Program and Project Management support can assist your organization in many ways. Our Program Management support can manage ongoing training requirements, allowing the organization to focus on its core objective. Project Management support can provide that needed central coordination point for large one-time training events. Whether the ongoing or one-time training event is instructor based or technology based, it requires careful planning and coordination between client and The Training Institute of Washington, DC resources.

Program Management Services
The ongoing management of a training program for an organization can be resource intensive. Many organizations are not staffed to handle unusually high training demands or may be overstaffed during periods of minimal demands. Alowing us to handle some or all of the regular management of training activities will provide a cost effective approach to training management and allow you to level out internal staffing. Some of the major activities that we can provide include the following:

Event Registration
Registering participants for an event requires significant time and resources. We can reduce your training costs by providing this service along with related training program tasks. We record participant demographics, confirm events and report related statistics. We can provide participants the ability to register via the web or by telephone via our central registration center.

Classroom Management
We recognize that a training manager has better things to do than setup classrooms or keep materials inventory. We can provide a resource to setup your classroom prior to a training event, maintain training manual inventory, and coordinate software installation for proprietary events. We can provide facilities anywhere in the world, plus the logistics support to ensure that the proper software and training materials make it to those facilities.

Program Design
Your training program has to dynamically address your needs. We have resources trained in needs analysis and curriculum design to build learning paths to meet and exceed your training goals.

Marketing Plan Implementation
A training program is only successful when the audience is aware of what is offered and how it will benefit them. We create and distribute marketing materials to support the program design. Marketing materials for your organization can range from a simple web page to a sophisticated color catalog.

Instructor Scheduling
Communicating to your training audience includes providing a regular calendar of events that users can find easily that clearly describes what is offered. We can design your calendar of events and instructor resources on a monthly or quartlerly basis.

Project Management Services
Managing the training of an entire workforce can be overwhelming. This basic function may determine the success or failure or your training deployment. We can ensure that your training not only works, but is managed and implemented properly. Our managers offer the bridge between your resources and ours to smoothly and effectively coordinate project tasks. We will conduct a kickoff meeting to identify business goals and measurable objectives for a successful implementation of the integrated solution, followed by project plan update meetings to ensure goals, objectives, and timelines are met. Our project management process is a cohesive system that:

  • Links multiple projects to the greater whole of major programs
  • Provides timely information to multiple levels of the organization in a consistent format
  • Fosters cross-functional support and information sharing
  • Prepares individuals for success in a complex project environment
  • Continuously improves product/service quality, cost, and timeliness

The Training Institute of Washington, DC’s Program and Project Management Service is focused, efficient, and convenient, and can be delivered at your offices, at our location, or over the Internet.

To find out more about how our Program and Project Management Services can benefit your organization, please contact a local sales representative at (202) 797-9099, or email us at

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