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Software Migration and TRain teh Trainer Services


The Training Institute of Washington, DC can support your software migration efforts through a variety of methods. When the internal effort to support the training for a large, complex software migration puts strain on company resources, we can provide cost effective solutions that will help you achieve stated goals and objectives - without sacrificing quality.

We offer the following services:

  • Instructor-led Classes – Software migrations require a special type of classroom presentation. Users want to know what is new in the shortest possible time. We present leading edge software in a traditional classroom format and online through seminar, half day and full day events.

  • Awareness Seminars – Alerting users that changes are coming is a first step in gaining their acceptance. We market upcoming changes to software or learning delivery in corporate common areas or as scheduled presentations.

  • Train the Helpdesk – When deploying new software packages or upgrades, the helpdesk needs to be prepared to answer questions from users. We can train the helpdesk on key features prior to a user rollout.

  • Walk-around Support – During a migration, users ask many questions. Rather than overloading your helpdesk, we can provide knowledgeable instructors who are available during peak periods to assist users through the initial migration period.

  • Quick Reference Cards – When software functionality has changed, users need a quick, accessible source for key features. We create tip cards capturing those features on desktop or proprietary applications.

  • Integration of Learning Support Solutions – Migrations are an ideal time to introduce learning and support tools. We can work alongside your migration project team to design effective ways to introduce these self-help and learning tools.

We can also provide client organizations with the following Train-the-Trainer support services:

  • For NonTrainers – It is a myth that if you know something you can teach it. We take subject matter experts and make them into effective instructors. Topics include adult learning methodology, classroom presentation skills, classroom management, and organizing presentations.

  • Courseware – Effective use of classroom materials and visual aids will make any event more successful. We train our client's instructors on how to best utilize the custom courseware as part of a classroom event.

  • Integrated Learning Solutions – Integrating a variety of training solutions into a classroom event adds to the event's success as well as builds independent learners who can largely teach and support themselves. We conduct a training session for our client's instructors on how to best incorporate custom solutions into a classroom event.

The Training Institute of Washington, DC’s Software Migration and Train-the-Trainer Services are focused, efficient, and convenient, and can be delivered at your location or ours.To find out more about how our Software Migration and Train the Trainer Services can benefit your organization, please contact a local sales representative at (202) 797-9099, or email us at


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