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Supervisory Courses


Our Supervisory Courses train leaders at all levels in the basic human interaction skills which every leader...from supervisor through senior executive...must master.

A team without strong leadership rarely functions well. Amazingly, however, very few people receive any management or leadership training before they are put in charge. Our courses are designed to help a wide range of people in charge: from those in senior leadership to first-time supervisors.

Training Goals

  • Stimulating a leadership mindset.
  • Delivering more than just supervisory training, but changing the way future leaders responds.
  • Developing leadership behaviors that are relevant to an individual’s organization.

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8 Leadership Tips from Real Leaders    


Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Appraising Performance

Business Ethics                                    

Change Management for Managers       

Coaching Essentials                              

Communicating Across Cultures            

Conflict Management      

Correcting Performance Problems         

Delegation Skills for Leaders                 

Developing Yourself as a Leader          

Disaster Preparedness                          


Effective Business Writing                    

Effective Facilitation Skills  

Effective Management

Effectively Managing Technical Teams                   

Effective Presentations                                     

Effective Time Management             

Emotional Intelligence for Managers  

Employee Performance                        

Excellence in Supervision                      

Feedback Skills for Leaders                               

From Technical Specialist to Supervisor 

Frontline Leadership

Getting the Results Without the Authority

Goals & Goal Setting 

HIPPA Overview       

Interviewing Skills for Management

Leading Honorably

Learning to Lead

Leading Virtual Teams                                    

Managerial Leadership

Managers Guide to OSHA                                        

Managing Business Risk                               

Managing Organizational Goals             

Meeting Skills for Leaders                      


Motivating Employees at Work       


Organizational Communication    

Organizational Vision, Values, and Mission

Performance Management                                   

Practical Leadership                             

Problem-Solving Skills                           

Process Improvement                             

Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors    

Strategic Decision Making                      

Stress Management           

Successful Strategic Planning                  

Team Participation                                 

The New Supervisor                             

Virtual Teams 

What Good Managers Do: The 1st 100 Days

Women in Leadership


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