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Training Evaluation Services


To help guarantee that your organizational learning is maximized and you are getting a return on your training dollar, it is critical that you know the value of each training solution to ensure that it is contributing to your business goals.

Using our evaluation process the Training Institute of Washington, DC can help you build effective evaluation instruments and assess the effectiveness of your training.

We can help you assess the value and effectiveness of existing training programs by analyzing course content and instructional methodologies, identifying the reliability and validity of tests and exercises, determining the effectiveness of your delivery, and much more. We can also assess the value and effectiveness of your existing evaluation instruments and processes.

The primary evaluation process is based upon four "levels" of evaluation:

  • Level 1: Reaction: feedback forms used to measure learners' reactions to a learning experience.
  • Level 2: Learning: evaluation conducted during learning to help learners learn, and after learning to assess whether or not learners have achieved the specified outcomes (competencies).
  • Level 3: Application: evaluation conducted after the learners return to the workplace to measure their use of newly acquired knowledge and skill and the extent to which the training changes their behavior on the job.
  • Level 4: Results: evaluation conducted long after a learning intervention has been implemented, to measure the return on investment and/or organizational improvement.

The Training Institute of Washington, DC can build, or help you build, evaluation instruments for levels 1 and 2 that will enable you to determine whether learners have acquired the desired competencies. In support of levels 3 and 4, we can build instruments that verify training transfer to the job and assess results to ensure your organization has received value for its investment.

In addition, we can help by conducting ongoing evaluations to ensure that course content remains relevant to business needs, job performance and results.The Training Institute of Washington, DC’s Training Evaluation Service is focused, efficient, and convenient.

To find out more about how our Training Evaluation Services can benefit your organization, please contact a local sales representative at (202) 797-9099, or email us at


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