Whether you’re new to a field and looking to change careers or have years of work experience and want to update your skills, there is no better choice than The Training Institute of Washington, DC.

We are unique because we feature:

  • Hands-on instruction.
  • Individual state-of-the-art workstations for each student in every technical and desktop class.
  • Supplemental reading and workbook resources.
  • Instructor-led classes by professionals with years of formal and on-the-job training, who are at the top of their field and are experts in their area of instruction.
  • Homework and formal testing to ensure your knowledge and strengthen your credibility.
  • Competitive prices and payment options.

The Training Institute of Washington, DC is focused on becoming the nation’s leader in education and enterprise training solutions. In collaboration with our worldwide partners, we offer complete education program management solutions, including enrollment, certification, and project development and support.


The Training Institute of Washington, DC is dedicated to improving the way companies and individuals learn, use, and master technology through educational solutions that empower customers with choice, allowing them to determine when, where, and how they want their educational programs to be designed and delivered.

Products and Services

Individuals and organizations worldwide can learn to master technology through The Training Institute of Washington, DC. We offer:

Catalog Courses – These are the traditionally scheduled classes that give students the opportunity to learn popular technologies in an open learning environment. These courses are constantly evaluated and reviewed by our staff; we make certain our courses are the most appropriate for the technologies used in today’s environment. With the number of potential course offerings being almost unlimited, our company has narrowed its courses to three primary areas: security, project management, and databases. This allows our staff to gain a depth of comparative understanding that cannot be matched by competing training companies.

Corporate Training Solutions – Corporations and governments often require a specialized product mix to meet their unique requirements. We have developed our infrastructure to support their needs. Offerings include: custom course development, corporate on-site training, classroom and lab rental, and the provision of contract instructors. With every corporate or government request, we assign an in-house project manager to coordinate the team that will service the client. This project manager is skilled at identifying and coordinating the team members and strategic partners best suited to meet the client need’s. Our approach and expertise allow our customers to release their resources for other initiatives and to concentrate on their core competencies. The Training Institute of Washington, DC provides clients with instant scalability, time-to-market criticality, and greater market penetration.

Strategic Alliances

The Training Institute of Washington, DC continues to foster strategic partnerships and relationships with some of the most dominant players in the information technology training industry today, including:

  • CompTIA
  • Security Certified
  • Project Management Institute
  • The Associates
  • Microtek
  • Element K
  • Axzo Press
  • TechnoTraining

These relationships help us deliver the most dynamic and cost effective educational solutions to our clients.