Course #:


Course Length:

1 Day

Course Description

This course is for the new user of Access and assumes no experience with relational databases. The topics cover the critical skills you need to get started creating databases in Access and working with the data by using tables, queries, forms, and reports. You will practice the critical skills necessary to create a database and enter, find, edit, and report on the data it contains. This course targets people who want to gain the skills necessary to use Access to create a database to hold information on a subject and/or the basic skills needed to maintain and report on data in an Access database.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define the purpose of and terminology associated with a relational database and Access objects.
  • Follow the steps required to properly design a database.
  • Create tables to hold data and then establish table relationships.
  • Modify the design of and work with data in tables.
  • Create, modify the design of, and work with select queries.
  • Create and modify forms to work with your data.
  • Create and modify reports to select, organize, and print data

Course Content

Lesson 1: Working with a Relational Database
Topic 1A: Identify Uses of a Relational Database
Topic 1B: Define Database Terminology
Topic 1C: Create a New Database Based on a Template
Topic 1D: Examine the New Database

Lesson 2: Planning a Database
Topic 2A: Identify Database Purpose
Topic 2B: Review Existing Data
Topic 2C: Determine Fields
Topic 2D: Group Fields into Tables
Topic 2E: Normalize the Data
Topic 2F: Designate Primary and Foreign Keys
Topic 2G: Identify Table Relationships

Lesson 3: Building the Basic Structure
Topic 3A: Create a Blank Database
Topic 3B: Create a Table using a Wizard
Topic 3C: Compare Datasheet and Design Views
Topic 3D: Create Tables in Design View
Topic 3E: Create Relationships between Tables

Lesson 4: Working with Tables
Topic 4A: Modify a Table Design
Topic 4B: Work in Datasheet View
Topic 4C: Work with Subdatasheets

Lesson 5: Creating and Working with Select Queries
Topic 5A: Examine a Query
Topic 5B: Create a Query Using a Wizard
Topic 5C: Work in Query Design View
Topic 5D: Select Records
Topic 5E: Edit Values in a Query Datasheet
Topic 5F: Add a Calculated Field to a Query
Topic 5G: Perform a Calculation for a Group of Records

Lesson 6: Creating and Using Forms
Topic 6A: Create AutoForms
Topic 6B: Create a Form Using a Wizard
Topic 6C: Modify the Design of the Form
Topic 6D: Use Forms to Work with Data

Lesson 7: Creating and Using Reports
Topic 7A: Create an AutoReport
Topic 7B: Create a Report Using a Wizard
Topic 7C: Examine a Report in Design View
Topic 7D: Create a Calculated Field
Topic 7E: Change the Format of a Control
Topic 7F: Change the Style of a Report
Topic 7G: Adjust Report Width

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