Course #:


Course Length:

1 Day

Course Description

In this course, students will learn the basics of using Microsoft Outlook as a communications tool. You will send and receive mail messages, use a calendar to schedule appointments, and coordinate business meetings with multiple participants. You will also keep track of personal and business contacts, and create task lists and notes to remind you of things that need to be done. The target student for this course is familiar with the Windows environment and wants to use Microsoft Outlook to coordinate and manage mail, appointments, meetings, keep track of personal and business contacts, and create task lists and notes.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Address and compose a message, change the message format, check the spelling and grammar and then send the message. You will also attach a file to a message and send a message with voting buttons.
  • Open a message in your inbox, reply to it and forward it to others. You will also print and delete messages.
  • Add an appointment and an event to your calendar, including a recurring appointment, and assign a category to an appointment. You will also print your calendar.
  • Schedule a meeting with multiple participants, reply to meeting requests, and track meeting responses.
  • Add a contact to the contact folder and view the contact list in different ways. You will also sort contacts and assign categories to contacts. Finally, you will update contact information.
  • Add tasks to a task list and edit them as needed. You will also assign categories to tasks and assign tasks to contacts.
  • Sort messages and find a specified message. You will also organize your mailbox by creating additional folders and moving them around, and deleting folders.
  • Create a note and move it to your desktop, assign a category to a note, and assign a note to a contact.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Sending Messages
Topic 1A: Compose and Send a Message
Topic 1B: Change Message Format
Topic 1C: Check Spelling and Grammar
Topic 1D: Attach File to Message
Topic 1E: Create and Add A Signature to a Message
Topic 1F: Send a Message with Voting Buttons

Lesson 2: Checking and Replying To Messages
Topic 2A: Open a Message
Topic 2B: Open Message Attachment
Topic 2C: Save Attachment
Topic 2D: Reply to Message
Topic 2E: Print Message
Topic 2F: Mark Message Unread
Topic 2G: Reply to a Voting Button Message
Topic 2H: Recall a Message
Topic 2I: Delete a Message

Lesson 3: Scheduling Appointments and Events
Topic 3A: Add an Appointment to the Calendar
Topic 3B: Schedule a Recurring Appointment
Topic 3C: Assign a Category to an Appointment
Topic 3D: Edit Appointment
Topic 3E: Delete an Appointment
Topic 3F: Schedule an Event
Topic 3G: Print the Calendar

Lesson 4: Scheduling Meetings
Topic 4A: Schedule a Meeting
Topic 4B: Reply to a Meeting Request
Topic 4C: Propose a New Meeting Time
Topic 4D: Track and Update a Meeting
Topic 4E: Cancel a Meeting

Lesson 5: Using Contacts
Topic 5A: Add a Contact
Topic 5B: Sort Contacts
Topic 5C: Find a Contact
Topic 5D: Edit a Contact
Topic 5E: Create a Custom Category

Lesson 6: Creating Tasks
Topic 6A: Create a Task
Topic 6B: Update a Task
Topic 6C: Update Task List
Topic 6D: Assign Task to Contact

Lesson 7: Managing Messages
Topic 7A: Sort Messages
Topic 7B: Create a New Folder
Topic 7C: Move Messages Between Folders
Topic 7D: Move Folders
Topic 7E: Delete a Folder
Topic 7F: Search for Messages

Lesson 8: Using Notes
Topic 8A: Create a Note
Topic 8B: Move a Note
Topic 8C: Resize a Note
Topic 8D: Assign Contacts to Notes
Topic 8E: Assign Categories to Notes

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