The need for skilled project managers continues to intensify. According to a study by Standish Group International, a significant portion of the more than $250 billion spent annually on IT application development is wasted as a result of project management failure. The study also points out that:

  • 31% of all projects are canceled before completion.
  • 88% of all projects are over schedule, over budget, or both.
  • Average cost overrun is 189% of original estimates.
  • Average time overrun is 222% of original estimates.

Projects are failing at an alarming rate across all industries, either because they take too long or go over budget, and the demand for project management training is growing exponentially. The Training Institute of Washington, DC provides courses that will enhance the skills of those who are already project managers, and provide transitional skills for individuals who are new to the profession.

Federal Acquisition Institute Courses

Well-trained and experienced program and project managers are critical to the acquisition process and the successful accomplishment of mission goals. A strong partnership between program and project managers and contracting professionals requires a common understanding of how to meet the government ’s needs through acquisitions that deliver quality goods and services in an effective and efficient manner.

The purpose of the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) is to establish general training and experience requirements for program and project managers in civilian agencies. The FAC-P/PM focuses on essential competencies needed for program and project managers; the program does not include functional or technical competencies, such as those for information technology, or agency-specific competencies.

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No.Additional Project Management CoursesContact Us
PM08Advanced Project Management
PM09Building a Program/Project Management Office
PM10Business Process Modeling
PM11Contracting a Procurement Management
PM12Critical Chain Project Management
PM13Earned Value in Project Management
PM14Global Project Management
PM15Determining Customer Requirements and Developing Project Scope
PM16Project Management for Sales, Marketing and Product Managers
PM17Project Management Metrics: Measure, Manage and Magnify
PM18Project Planning and Control Toolbox
PM23Project Estimating
PM24Software/IT Project Management: Best Practices