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Course Description

In the seminar series previewed, participants will learn how Project Management strategy, process, and tools can channel the information required to support status reporting and decision making on an organizational level. This seminar is valuable for students who desire to understand formal project management and processes to create a system for consistent information sharing. This seminar will also assist students by providing a set of tools to manage projects and programs in a systematic manner consistent with OMB A-11 Exhibit 300 requirements.


This course is intended for executives, managers, and students with little or no formal project management training.


1st Hour – Formal Project Management & How Does it Benefit the Organization
2nd Hour – Universal Best Practice Model for Managing Projects
3rd Hour – Project Managers Tools and Procedures

Course Content

Lesson 1: Formal Project Management & How Does it Benefit the Organization
Benefits of Project Forecasting
Defining a Project Management Process
Managing Project Managers
Managing Multiple Projects
Earned Value Management

Lesson 2: Universal Best Practice Model for Managing Projects
Bringing Predictability to Projects
Rapid yet Complete Planning
The core Universal Project Management Steps

Lesson 3: Project Managers Tools and Procedures
Determining an Appropriate Level of Detail in Planning
Key Components of Risk
Understanding and Managing Quality
Microsoft Project

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