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Course Length:

3 Days

Course Price:

$1,350 for non-government
$1,125 for government employees

Course Dates:

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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Implement a process by which the efforts of all acquisition personnel are integrated through a comprehensive plan
  • Explain the need for the Project Manager to participate in pre-award actions required by acquisition planning (FAR Part 7.1)
  • Develop a comprehensive project specification and requirements statement that fully and correctly defines the project
  • Formulate a source selection plan that allows for best value selection from competitive solicitations
  • Identify the need to support contract administrative actions
  • Establish a negotiated baseline of performance
  • Oversee the application of Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM)

Course Content

Lesson 1: An Overview of Acquisition Process Integration
Key Processes

Lesson 2: Contracting
Management Processes
Performance Based Considerations
Understanding Cost and Price Analysis
Solicitation and Source Selection
Negotiation and Awards
Termination Options
Closeout Process
Legislation, Policies, & Regulations

Lesson 3: Contract Approach
Integrating the PM, PCO & Staff
Key Processes

Lesson 4: Requirements and Support Documents
Overview of FAR Subpart 7.1 and 1-12
Key Terminology
Contract Terms
Solicitation Terms

Lesson 5: Source Solicitation
Formulating and Structuring a Source Selection Plan
Evaluation Board
Advisory Counsel
Selection Authority

Lesson 6: Contract Administration
Managing the Buyer/Seller Relationship
Documenting Performance
Corrective Actions
Providing for Future Relationships
Managing Changes

Lesson 7: Performance Based Agreements 
Negotiating Support Levels with Consideration to Funding
Negotiating a Baseline

Lesson 8: Business Financial Plan Management
TLCSM Overview
OMB A-11 Application

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