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Course Length:

3 Days

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$1,350 for non-government
$1,125 for government employees

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Course Description

This course covers key project management skills required in government projects: Acquisition strategies, pre-award actions, source selection, OMB Circular A-123 compliance, and strategic sourcing. This course is specifically developed to support Project Managers who need to meet the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Management (FAC-P/PM) program core training requirements.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop an overall strategy for managing the acquisition, coordination, and development of the acquisition strategy to include socioeconomic considerations
  • Identify key features in terms of pre-award actions required by acquisition planning (FAR Subpart 7.1)
  • Formulate the key features of a comprehensive program/project specification and requirements statement
  • Identify and develop source selection criteria, including risk analysis method (FAR Part 15.3)
  • Identify and track contract performance and administrative actions
  • Conduct financial planning and execution reviews
  • Develop program/project plans in accordance with Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control (OMB Circular A-123) and Capital Asset Planning (OMB exhibit 300)
  • Utilize strategic sourcing when building and finalizing requirements across the program/project

Course Content

Lesson 1: Preparing a Plan for Total Life Cycle Management
Addressing phased inputs, outputs, and deliverables
Internal and External project technical reviews
Managing modifications
Cycle-time reduction techniques

Lesson 2: Risk and Opportunity Management
Planning identification and analysis of risks
Risk handling
Risk monitoring
Analyzing risk events
Reporting status
Finding critical risk nodes
Schedule related risk analysis

Lesson 3: Requirements Development
Structuring the process for working with users
Defining and refining needs
Trade-off and constraints

Lesson 4: Developing a Process for Selecting a Design Solution
Translating requirements into alternative designs
Selecting final design solutions
Alternative design solutions

Lesson 5: Contract Approach 
Integrating personal through a comprehensive plan
Business partnerships
Structuring competition
Socio-economic issues

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