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Course Description

The goal of this workshop course is to develop skills required to effectively manage the schedule and budget of a project. As part of the Triple Constraints, the schedule and budget of a project (and the management thereof) are Key Performance Indicators regarding the success of any project. This course will enable the participants to hone the skills necessary to effectively manage the schedule and budget of a project. Sometimes referred to as Earned Value Management, this course is appropriate for all managers, team leaders, and others who work with project teams.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Determine how to effectively define activities.
  • Determine ways to effectively sequence activities.
  • Determine how to effectively estimate resource requirements and estimate durations.
  • Develop an effective schedule.
  • Effectively utilize schedule controls to keep their projects on schedule.
  • Effectively ‘Crash’ and ‘Fast Track’ their projects to meet time and cost requirements.
  • Determine how to estimate costs.
  • Determine how to effectively budget for project costs.
  • Effectively control the costs of a project.
  • Influence future project activities to meet project goals.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Project Time Management

Lesson 2: Activity Definition

Lesson 3: Activity Sequencing

Lesson 4: Activity Resource Estimating

Lesson 5: Activity Duration Estimating

Lesson 6: Schedule Development

Lesson 7: Schedule Control

Lesson 8: Project Cost Management

Lesson 9: Cost Estimating

Lesson 10: Cost Budgeting

Lesson 11: Cost Control

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