Course Length: ½ or 1 day

This course covers diversity in the workplace for employees, supervisors, team leaders and managers. Students will learn what diversity is and how it influences their relationships with others, and how to differentiate between-and overcome-stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Students learn how communication skills help in managing a diverse workforce and how diversity influences relationships between co-workers.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of diversity
Unit 2: Identifying differences
Unit 3: Overcoming barriers to diversity
Unit 4: Communicating in a diverse workforce
Unit 5: Managing Diversity


Dynamics of Diversity

Course Length: ½ or 1 day

Diversity is a key element in any successful workplace, but to be successful, a diverse workforce must learn to work together. This course helps you implement a company-wide diversity training program. Learn how to expose key issues, get your management’s buy-in, develop and implement your plan, and more.

Part 1: An Overview of Diversity
Part 2: Implementing a Five-Step Diversity Training Process

Putting Diversity to Work

Course Length: ½ or 1 day

Putting diversity to work in today’s organization is everyone’s job. More and more, organizations are seeing that true success occurs on not just one, but on three bottom lines: profit, people, and planet. This course focuses on the business case and best practices for bringing the best out of all kinds of people. It is for people who manage people and care for the places in which people work. 

Intro: Making the Business Case for Diversity
Part 1: Enabling Your Organization to Embrace Diversity
Part 2: Developing Yourself to Embrace Diversity
Part 3: Leading and Communicating
Part 4: Diversifying Your Workplace Successfully


Workplace Diversity

Course Length: ½, 1, or 2 days

With the world becoming more mobile and diverse, diversity has taken on a new importance in the workplace. This workshop will help participants understand what diversity is all about, and how they can help create a more diverse world at work and at home.

Module One: Getting Started
Module Two: Understanding Diversity
Module Three: Understanding Stereotypes
Module Four: Breaking Down the Barriers
Module Five: Verbal Communication Skills
Module Six: Non-Verbal Communication Skills
Module Seven: Being Proactive
Module Eight: Coping with Discrimination
Module Nine: Dealing with Diversity Complaints as a Person
Module Ten: Dealing with Diversity Complaints as a Manager
Module Eleven: Dealing with Diversity Complaints as an Organization
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up